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Plants and systems manufactured by IFA Technology offer suitable solutions for numerous applications for processing liquids and solids. With the aid of our plants and systems, various substances can be stored, conveyed, weighed, dosed or mixed according to your requirements. The substances can be thin like water, viscous like toothpaste, pulverulent like grain flour or angular like iron granulate. Our plants and systems can also process solid or liquid substances with explosive, corrosive and water-polluting components. As a plant manufacturer with own manufacturing facilities, we consider your individual manufacturing processes and build a customised plant or system for you.


Liquids (for instance raw materials or end products) are stored in canisters, drums, IBC containers or storage tanks. Solids and bulk materials, on the other hand, are stored in bags, big bags, silos or various special containers.

IFA Technology offers sound and safe handling for the storage of liquids, solids and bulk materials as well as suitable storage containers such as customised shelves, tank farms or silo systems. We check and control among other things the compatibility of the substances, the effect of environmental influences as well as the conformity with legal requirements. We ensure compliance with various regulations such as the German Water Resources Act (WHG) or Explosive Atmospheres Directive (ATEX) by means of temperature-controlled storage tanks and the blanketing of the relevant substances by means of nitrogen, dry air or gas displacement systems or their circulation via agitators or circulation.

We consider your individual requirements for the storage of liquids and solids and build a customised plant or system for you.

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At IFA Technology we use all types of pumps available on the market for conveying liquids. We consider all necessary requirements for the safe and reliable conveyance of your products. Solids can be conveyed mechanically, pneumatically and hydraulically. 

For mechanical conveying, screws, conveyor belts, elevators, vibratory troughs or tube chain conveyors are used. Pneumatic conveying is mainly applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for conveying granulates in plastics processing and the food industry. The pneumatic conveyance process is carried out by suction and compressed air, i.e. by vacuum or positive pressure, and is mainly used when sensitive substances are transported. Heavy substances such as cement, sand or gravel are mainly transported by positive pressure.

Hydraulic conveying systems are used to transport fine-grained bulk materials without losses and over long distances. 

We consider your individual requirements when conveying liquids and solids and build a customised plant or system for you.

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The weighing of liquids and solids is always implemented by IFA Technology according to your requirements - with load cells and evaluation devices from all the well-known suppliers. Liquid and solid substances can be weighed in their own storage containers, such as drums, containers, silos or tanks, but also in mixing tanks, storage containers or other containers.

High-precision weight measurement makes it possible to weigh the components within the desired tolerances directly in the container or to measure them by loss-in-weight, and as a result achieve gravimetric dosing. As an alternative to gravimetric dosing, we use volumetric dosing of solids or liquids, depending on the requirements of the substances and processes. For volumetric dosing, we use the methods customary on the market, such as Coriolis mass flow measurement, magnetic-inductive flow measurement, ultrasonic measurement and counter measurement as well as belt scale measurement or impact scale measurement.

We consider your individual requirements when weighing and dosing liquids and solids and build a customised plant or system for you.

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In order to meet your requirements when mixing liquid and solid substances, our plants and systems enable the mixing of combinations in virtually any state of aggregation. IFA Technology is your competent partner for the right process - no matter if you want to mix liquids with liquids, solids with solids or liquids with solids or gases. We develop a wide range of applications for the production of the respective product - whether homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures, suspensions, temporary liquid-liquid dispersions, emulsions using lipophilic and hydrophilic liquids or the mixing of bulk materials such as powders, granulates or flakes.

At the same time, IFA Technology enables the application of various processes, for instance for heating and cooling the substances using double-walled container walls or pipe coils. Vacuum blanketing or pressure blanketing can also be implemented. 

We consider your individual requirements when mixing liquids and solids and build a customised plant or system for you.

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