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With more than 37 years of experience in the field of weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing of solids and liquids, we always have the ambition to offer you the latest state of the art. We create a suitable concept for your requirements and offer you a wide-ranging portfolio of customised plants and systems for processing liquids and solids.


The weighing, mixing and dosing systems from IFA Technology are designed for a wide variety of applications for the preparation of liquid media, but also for media with solids content or for pure bulk materials. In so-called HBV plants and systems (plants and systems for the production, treatment and use of solid and liquid substances), for instance, resins or adhesives can be mixed or building materials and chemicals can be produced.

Our spectrum ranges from cost-effective standard systems to individual convenient solutions for weighing, mixing and dosing solids and liquids. IFA standard compact systems are complete, ready-to-operate, pre-assembled weighing, mixing and dosing systems designed for dispatch in trucks or containers. Thus they can be shipped and put into operation without further time and effort.

We consider your individual requirements and build customised weighing systems, mixing systems and dosing systems for you.


Gravimetric dosing or weight-controlled dosing is based on the principle of weighing technology. The weight of the weighed material is measured via load cells or weighing cells either directly or by loss-in-weight. IFA Technology offers you specific solutions tailored to your individual needs for weighing, mixing and dosing solids or liquids. We consider your individual requirements and build customised dosing systems for you.

The system "IFA-Gravimet" is our standard system in the field of gravimetric dosing. We supply a complete, ready-to-operate pre-assembled weighing, mixing and dosing system. As a complete system for weighing, mixing and dosing liquids, the system can be individually customised to suit your requirements. 

Characteristics of gravimetric dosing systems:

  • Automatic compensation for any deviations in bulk density 
  • Weight-related recording of the discharged quantities
  • Data acquisition and provision of all process parameters (batch traceability)
  • Integrated consumption data acquisition for the optimisation of your processes and systems


IFA Technology considers your individual requirements and builds customised dosing systems for you.

Volumetric dosing is carried out on a quantity basis by measuring the flow rate of liquids or bulk materials. Application-dependent measuring systems are used in our volumetric dosing systems. These make it possible to provide the specified quantity of material at a defined point in time in a defined ratio. The continuous inline dosing via flow measurement technology or dosing pumps with linear characteristic curve enables recipe-accurate dosing of liquids and bulk materials in a small space.


IFA Technology considers your individual requirements and builds customised explosion-proof systems for you. Our explosion-proof systems are in use all over the world.

As a supplier of equipment for processing explosive liquids and solids (dusts), we work in accordance with the official explosion protection regulations. These include, among others, the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU of the European Union. If necessary, systems are subjected to an individual acceptance test by a notified body. 

We attach particular importance to primary and secondary explosion protection, so that measures of tertiary explosion protection can be largely dispensed with.


Reaction systems from IFA Technology are designed and built to customer specifications and can be tailored to your individual requirements and wishes. For example, the required individual components in the reaction vessel (reactor) can be added manually or automatically. The gravimetric or volumetric measurement ensures that the components correspond at all times to the product recipe stored in the programmable logic controller (PLC). This ensures a high level of safety with regard to product quality and reproducibility in batch operation. The reactions taking place in the reaction system are also always associated with considerable temperature and pressure fluctuations (exothermic or endothermic reactions). In the development and construction of system that operate with positive pressure or vacuum, we draw on our many years of experience. We offer manual or fully automated reactors, pH measuring systems and viscosity control systems.

We consider your individual requirements and build customised reaction systems for you. In the design and layout of all systems, we always consider all applicable standards and guidelines - be it in explosion protection, environmental technology or plant safety.


We consider your individual requirements and build customised batching plants for you. Batching plants are an important component in the system processes for the delivery, storage, dosing and mixing of raw materials and form the basis for a high-quality end product. In addition to the storage of raw materials, this also includes the processing of individual components or the finished product. 

IFA Technology offers you turnkey and customised complete plants in various designs, which are specially manufactured for the chemical and building materials industries. We design batch plants as tower plants that make predominant use of gravity transport or as series plants with belt transport.


Customer-specific requirements require customised solutions. We would be pleased to advise you personally and develop together with you a customised plant or system for your special requirements.

In addition to prototypes and standard plants and systems, we also implement mobile mixing systems. We deliver space-saving, transportable plants and systems according to your wishes.


Energy systems for industrial plants can sometimes be expensive to maintain. This is why we already pay attention to economic solutions during the planning and conception of your plant. Our heating and cooling systems are needs-based, individual solutions for seasonal and user-related requirements.

Heat transfer media such as water, air or oils are heated by means of large-capacity water boilers, high-speed steam generators or thermal oil systems. In the heating systems from IFA Technology, the subsequent heat transfer takes place through half-tube coils welded onto the jacket, heat exchangers, heat transfer plates (thermoplates) or electrical heating cables.

As cooling systems we offer open, semi-open or closed circuits, if necessary with the support of cooling machines and/or cooling towers. If required, additional internal full tube coils can be integrated for better cold transmission. We consider your individual requirements and build customised heating and cooling systems for you.


Our experience in agitator technology offers you a professional layout of agitators in order to prepare your products according to your requirements.

We consider your individual requirements and build customised agitators for you – for homogenising, emulsifying, aerating, grinding, suspending, dispersing or mixing and dissolving your solids and liquids.


The microdosing technology of IFA Technology guarantees that raw material dosing happens according to a fixed sequence with highest dosing accuracy.

We consider your individual requirements and the local conditions in order to develop customised dosing systems for you. Our dosing systems can also be integrated into existing production plants. The adjustable dosing parameters enable optimum dosing results to be achieved for the various raw materials.


IFA Technology considers your individual requirements and builds customised mixing systems for you.

Powder dispersion units are used for agglomerate-free wetting of powdery substances with liquid substances. Our mixing systems are adapted to your needs and generate a vacuum using a rotor-stator principle. This sucks in the powder and mixes it directly in the liquid flow in the mixing unit. Even difficult materials can be processed without any problems thanks to the dust-free suction with the aid of guide jet mixers or rotor-stator mixing units.

In addition to the automated feeding of liquid and powdery materials, the complete system from IFA Technology includes a dispersion unit with mixing tank and purification system. The dispersion system can be implemented in batch operation (as homogeneous as possible mixing of the components) or inline (fully continuous mixing of the components). Variants directly in the mixing tank are alternatives to conventional agitators.

Advantages of IFA powder wetting systems (mixing systems):

  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Dust-free introduction of the solids into the liquid
  • Fast and gentle mixing of the product
  • High dispersing capacity
  • Little air intake
  • No caking in the mixing tank due to dust on the tank wall
  • ATEX requirements can be met


IFA Technology considers your individual requirements on process and quality monitoring and builds customised viscosity control systems for you.

Viscosity control systems are mainly used for monitoring and optimising processes and product quality. In accordance with your needs IFA Technology implements complete plants which are equipped with mixing tanks, dosing units and consumption data acquisition. The viscosity sensors are used as rotation sensors, inline sensors or resonance frequency sensors, depending on the area of application. The connected controller is freely parameterisable and can be connected directly to higher-level control systems via an interface.


IFA Technology considers your individual requirements on waste water treatment and builds customised flocculent systems for you.

Flocculent systems for waste water treatment can be used for various fields of application - from the dosing of additives to the filtration of the flocculent. Such a flocculent system can, for instance, be used as a fully automated three-chamber system to produce a solution from dry polyelectrolytes. Flocculent systems from IFA Technology are always implemented according to your individual wishes. In addition to stationary systems, container solutions are also possible.

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