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With more than 40 years of experience in the field of weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing of solids and liquids, we always have the ambition to offer you the latest state of the art. We create a suitable concept for your requirements and offer you a wide-ranging portfolio of customised plants and systems for processing liquids and solids.


IFA Technology specialises in the design and supply of material handling systems. We offer holistic solutions for the conveyance of bulk materials, liquid materials and highly viscous products. We are also the right partner for conveying heated or cooled products that are processed in sterile processes. We consider your individual requirements and build customised material handling systems for you. In order to meet the special requirements of the respective materials, we use all types of pumps available on the market as well as hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems.


The conveyance of highly viscous products is part of our technical expertise. Feed pumps must meet the requirements for a long useful life, low maintenance and wear-free operation. We at IFA Technology live up to this claim by installing the most suitable pump in each of our systems. We use all types of pumps, from centrifugal pumps to gear pumps and piston pumps. Depending on the type of medium and its application requirements, we can design and offer you the suitable shaft seal. This includes among others packing gland seals, mechanical seals or magnetic couplings.

We consider your individual requirements and build customised pump systems for you.


IFA Technology offers you a wide range of pneumatic conveying systems, taking into account the substances, the conveyor section and the feed rate. Our product range covers pneumatic thick stream conveying, thin stream conveying, dilute phase conveying as well as plug conveying in the positive pressure and vacuum range. Pipe or hose lines enable vacuum conveyance or pressure conveyance of bulk materials or liquids by means of positive pressure or vacuum.All conveying systems can be customised to meet your specific needs.

We consider your individual requirements and build customised conveying systems for you.


IFA Technology offers you a wide range of mechanical conveying systems - from conveyor belts, screw conveyors and flexible screws to tubular chain conveyors, elevators and bucket elevators. In our mechanical conveying systems, we use the appropriate system depending on the requirements. We consider your individual requirements and build customised conveying systems for you.

In a complete plant, several process steps are often connected with each other by different conveying systems. An important prerequisite for the functionality of this system is the correct design of the conveying equipment used. Our experienced employees select the most suitable equipment for the transport of your materials, considering various factors. These include the type and properties of the bulk material, the procurement of the conveyor section as well as its installation position and conveying capacity.


IFA Technology designs and implements the right exhaust air purification system for every pollutant. Exhaust air scrubbers are used for exhaust air purification of exhaust air streams from industrial processes loaded with harmful gas. These exhaust air purification systems work according to the principle of absorption and separate pollutants present in the exhaust air in the liquid phase. Depending on the substance, pollutants are either physically dissolved or chemically bound by the addition of lye and/or acid. 

We consider your individual requirements and build customised exhaust air purification systems for you. With the companies Wessel-Umwelttechnik and Airprotech we have competent partners within the Deurotech Group at our side to develop special and complex systems for exhaust air purification.

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