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With more than 37 years of experience in the field of weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing of solids and liquids, we always have the ambition to offer you the latest state of the art. We create a suitable concept for your requirements and offer you a wide-ranging portfolio of customised plants and systems for processing liquids and solids.


We consider your individual requirements on process optimisation and plant automation and build customised plants for you. Plants from IFA Technology feature a high degree of automation and offer extensive possibilities of process optimisation for planning, control and automation of your plant. We always work with the latest technology and the most modern systems on the market. Our plants and systems are characterised among other things by the prompt acquisition of the sensor signals, a direct reaction to events and the optimised control of actuators.


Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, Services & People (IOTSP) - we offer state-of-the-art systems and solutions for your SMART production tailored to your needs.

  • SMART Networks - Plant operation from smartphone or tablet PC
  • Big DATA - with a variety of sensors and monitoring, collected and transferred through an IFA database or to your on-premises database system
  • Integration of all necessary interfaces - for example to ERP systems like SAP - is our daily business

With IFA you are always up-to-date - we combine your value chain and the life cycle of the products.


We consider your individual requirements on process automation and build customised plants and systems for you. For us, process automation means completely mapping all process states, recording all alarm messages and securing access via passwords. By means of process visualisation, the monitoring of your plant or system takes place directly on site and/or from your control room.

The plants and systems from IFA Technology enable you to optimally compose your mixtures by means of recipe control. In addition to the dosing quantities, other parameters such as stirring times can also be defined. Comprehensive recording of all batch data in a database makes it possible to output automatic order data in conjunction with your merchandise management system.

Your advantages: 

  • 100 % tracking of all important process parameters for each batch
  • Optimised processes
  • Very high accuracy
  • High availability
  • Top quality

In order to minimise machine downtimes, we support you in troubleshooting by means of remote maintenance.

Electrical Planning / Control Cabinet Construction

Careful planning and many years of experience are necessary to build functional and reliable switchgear in the long term. We take over the entire conceptual design of control cabinets: from electrical planning with EPLAN P8 through the complete procurement of high-quality components to assembly.

IFA Technology generally works according to EN/DIN/VDE standards and with the latest electrical components. We are UL and UL-NRBX certified for plants and systems located in North America.

We create an E-P&ID diagram for each plant or system. This makes the relationship between electrical and mechanical components transparent and simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting. Our circuit diagrams are drawn up in accordance with the VDE0113/EN-60204-1 directives or - for the North American market - in accordance with the NFPA79 and UL508A directives. The electrical documentation is available in all common foreign languages.

Recently, our UL approval was extended to include the maintenance of hazardous locations. As one of the few German manufacturers, we now have the corresponding certification and the necessary know-how to manufacture UL control cabinets that control system components in the EX area.


We attach great importance to ease of operation and versatile plant functions. The control technology of our plants and the regulation technology for fully automated systems is always executed with the highest degree of accuracy and care.

The communication between the plants and systems (PLC/PC/panels) can be implemented with various interfaces such as Profinet, Profibus, ASi-bus, Ethernet network, etc. Remote maintenance or connection to an ERP system via the Internet are also possible.


The control or PLC programming of your plant or system can be set up centrally or peripherally and thus adapted to your requirements. This enables maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. With the Siemens Simatic S7 series and the Allen Breadly PLCs such as Control Logix and Compact Logix, IFA Technology offers a long-term compatible system control that is scaled to your needs.

Our experienced programmers develop structured and reproducible PLC programs that guarantee fast troubleshooting and reduce machine downtimes to a minimum.

Plant modifications or extensions are also possible at any time due to the components used and the control structure. With the help of modern interfaces, all plant components can be networked, so that the plant or system can be integrated into your company network as desired.



What you can see is easier to understand. Therefore we visualise IFA Technology plants and systems with "WinCC", "WinCC Flexible", "WinCC TIA", "InTouch" or "Panelview". Special programs are also possible. These tools provide a reliable interface between the user and the machine (user interface) and allow a quick overview of the most important control parameters of the plant or system. 

The integrated error reporting system facilitates troubleshooting and reduces the time required for this to a minimum. Language toggling allows the operator to choose between different languages for the user interface.


Product formulas are mostly complex in nature. Therefore you can create and save up to 200 recipes with 25 steps each with the IFA standard recipe control. If you need more functions or steps, you can extend the recipe control with a database system according to your requirements. We work with standard programs like "Siemens-Batch" or "In-Batch". A user-friendly editor allows you to easily copy and paste recipes and add or remove individual components.


The aspects of data acquisition, tracing and data processing also play an increasingly important role in industrial plants. In the age of Industrie 4.0, we have been offering "big data" for years. In our plants and systems, we use database systems that perform several tasks simultaneously. Modern databases, such as MS SQL or Oracle, offer flexible interfaces which supply the plant with order data from the ERP system and enable the transmission of consumption data from the plant to the ERP system. 

IFA Technology has developed the GraviSoft software for archiving and recording data and errors in an SQL database. In addition to the usual features, the GraviSoft 3.0 version also offers new, future-oriented highlights, for instance:

  • Integrated consumption data acquisition, for instance via the impregnation channel or the press with backup function
  • Extended language support (Chinese, Cyrillic)
  • Optimised filing functions

Online recording is a new method for measuring the current resin absorption in the paper. This method makes it possible to measure the online resin application in the impregnation tank and/or on the screen applicator in grams per m². The current data can be displayed on the control panel of the system or transmitted to other locations. This data can then be stored at different locations as required. For our customers, this method offers several advantages: On the one hand, online recording offers a clear representation of the resin absorption quantity in the paper and on the other hand, this information can be used to assess the quality of the paper and its suppliers. In addition, online recording offers the opportunity to optimise your own production.